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Serenity Family Ranch is a start up ministry that is focused on serving the special needs ofLeslie & Keff Edwards (Photo by: Keff Edwards) hurting families. With the first location in West Texas 50 miles out side of El Paso, Serenity Ranch will target families who have been through extraordinary times of hardship.  With a special heart toward protecting and serving women and children who have been rescued from abusive homes, families dealing with a difficult teen, couples recovering from a rocky marriage, Serenity Family Ranch hopes to provide a relaxed worry free environment to provide Love, Hope, Healing and Worship.

Conceived bLeslie & Keff Edwards (Photo by: Keff Edwards)y Keff & Leslie Edwards, Serenity Family Ranch is not just a ministry but their home.  Through their own family hardships they have developed a passion to become a support structure for loving and caring for individuals and families through a small group environment.   As a domestic violence survivor, Leslie has a special heart for protecting and ministering women who are currently or who have recently survived a abusive relationship.

Keff & Leslie Edwards are from Huntsville, Alabama and have lived there since childhood. Leslie & McKenna Edwards (Photo By: Keff Edwards) They have been married and in a blended family for 13 years and have 4 children; McKenna, Kaitlyn, Micah and Carrie.  Leslie has been a nurse for 13 years and serves military service members at an Army Clinic.  Keff operates a defense & research company in Huntsville, Al.

Serenity Family Ranch has just started and is currently in final vision development stage.  In the near future more information will be released on it’s programs and funding efforts.




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